The Concept:

abmagic was born out of a frustration at current beauty and fashion editorial. As an editorial writer and lover, my work led me to see how limited and lacking editorial can be, and I wanted to show that we can create beauty from anything. abmagic aims to provide a range of creative and inspiring content that is completely created by me, at home. I want to make editorial personal, and to prove that we can all make our own magic. abmagic is for the high-class dreamers on an intern’s budget, but that does not limit me from creating classic content. My site focusses on Art, Beauty and Editorial Writing, incorporating  elegance with fun and nature.

The Creator: ABMayes

Amelia is a writer, blogger and part-time online radio presenter. She is extremely creative, not only loving to write but also enjoying painting, drawing, singing and dancing. She has experience working with names such as The Evening Standard, The BBC, Celador Ltd., My Beauty Matches and RunWild Media. abmagic demonstrates her passion for art and nature, whilst highlighting her skills as an editorial blogger and journalist. She is crazy about bunnies and is obsessed with velvet. OBSESSED.

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