My Beautiful Affair


Confession time. So, for a long time now, whilst I have been dusting on my MAC powder, indulging in Marc Jacobs perfume, and puckering up with Rimmel Lipstick, I have been having a beauty affair. All along, despite my many reliable make up allies, I have for several years had a clear and strong beauty preference.


God it feels good to have it out in the open. I must admit, the affair began because I am weak. I am every marketing and advertiser’s dream consumer: I like pretty things that promise happy results. So, being a beauty magpie, I was totally and utterly smitten with Benefit’s clean and bold packaging. I enjoyed the range of products available, the spritely named goodies that looked tantalisingly accessible. As an absolute sucker for advertising, I loved the fun and creative mini make up sets they had to offer, and how there was an incredibly consistent use of the colour pink.

Once the affair began, there was no way I could stop. From beginning with just a statement Benetint and a classic They’re Real! mascara, I soon found myself buying more and more products, ending up with a limited edition make up bag and even their beauty advent calendar, (which I am obviously SO excited about).

It came to my attention that it was time to stop all this secrecy. No longer could I hide my new-found affection, my make up drawers overflowing with guilty pleasure. It was time for Benefit to take centre stage. In the end, no one was too upset. I’m still a huge make up experimenter, and vow to always be. However, now I can sweep on my Hello Flawless foundation and Hoola blush with ease, knowing that if I use my Clinique lipstick later, no one is really going to mind too much.

I have a lot of Benefit products. (I mean, just look at that picture. Embarassing isn’t it).  But right now I want to discuss today’s BENEficial purchase.


I am an oily-skinned fiend and am constantly looking for products to keep my shine at bay. I was attracted to Hellow Flawless Custom Powder Cover-Up because, let’s face it, I FANCY BENEFIT, and because it catered for multiple make up applications. This loose powdered compact comes with two applicators: a brush and sponge. The brush allows for quick touch ups and the sponge is good for giving more direct coverage. Plus, with SPF 15, it helps fight off pesky UV rays. I can’t wait to team it with the Hello Flawless foundation for wonderfully even, (and matte) skin.

Moral: not all affairs are bad.

***Keep your eyes peeled for my ultimate Benefit make up tutorial coming SOON.***

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