Welcoming Back the 50s

I am a huge fan of vintage style. Old-school beauty seems much more sophisticated, classy and polished than it is today. On Sunday I had the magical opportunity of being transported back to the 50s at a vintage fair held in my local town. For £20 I received hair and make up which let me feel like a retro, 50s woman. As I strolled down the high street, I may have caused some older members of the public to feel an alarming sense of deju vu, but I felt like I was in a classic black and white movie. I now completely understand Taylor Swift’s obsession with vintage beauty.

From the big hair to the bold lip, I was in love. (With the 50s style, not myself, obviously…)

Here is the finished look:

IMG_0427.sharpjpgThis amazing style was bought to me by Constance Alice Hair and Make Up. Alice is a professional freelance make up artist who produces stunning hair and make up looks for all occasions. I was asked beforehand whether I was ok with a red lipstick. ‘Some people just can’t handle it’, Alice told me. To me, the 50s is epitomised by voluminous curls and a cheeky red lip, so I was thrilled with this transformation.

IMG_0432Alice began by brushing and curling my knotty hair. To create the volume of curls at the front of my head, she back-combed my locks and curled them round into ringlets, securing them in place with bobby pins and hairspray. The trick to achieving a smooth finish is to leave aside a few top pieces of hair that are not back-combed, so that these can be wrapped over your voluminous, (and slightly messy), pieces of hair.

The make up style is very easy to re-create at home. The areas to focus on are the lips and brows. The lips need to be bold and matte, whether you dare to try red or not is up to you, but any intense colour will work. The brows should look natural but still have a clearly defined shape.

Team the look with your own vintage-style clothing and you can be your very own, 50s knock-out. Here I wore a modern shirt from River Island in a retro pattern, and my mum’s vintage coat from the 80s, (slightly wrong era but you get the idea).

Rewind the clock with this classic 50s style that is guaranteed to make your friends weep with joy, (and envy).

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